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Me and Peanut Butter

Something about me:

My name is Marcus Hughes.

I am a Forensic Computing and Security student at Bournemouth University.

(Thats just a long way to say that I play with computers.)

I am originally from Buckinghamshire, but now live in Bournemouth for University.

You'll find me with a packet of rice cakes and a tub of peanut butter.

What I do:

Skating, Climbing, Boozing and Bouldering are my current top interests.

I bought a camera to capture them all, along with the experiences I share with my friends.
My intentions are to share the photos, so we can all look back on them once we have completed our courses.

What I use:

My camera is the most budget of DSLR's Canon 1700D.

I currently use 2 lenses:
- Canon 18-55 mm DC III Lens
- Canon 75-300 mm DC II Lens

I edit my photos on the IOS App SnapSeed and Instagrams built in software.